Window Operating Equipment
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Window Operating Equipment

Thomas Door & Window Controls provide the installation, maintence and repairs to all window winding gear, both electrical and manual. 

Our services related to high level window control operators provides solutions built around window controls to ensure premises are sufficiently ventilated and secure and in the event of fire where smoke control is required, will open without fail.

We provide all types of window opening and closing solutions from leading manufacturers to a variety of window styles in timber, steel, aluminum or UPVc; allowing everyone to operate windows without fail for ventilation purposes.

Our solutions include smoke dispersal, natural ventilation and integrated solutions that can be built onto stand-alone PC systems with their own smoke detection, or integrated with fire alarm or Building Management Systems. We enable high level windows to be operated from one single operator and natural ventilation functions include thermostatic controls, such as rain and temperature sensors.

View further information on our window controls page or discover how we can help you become more cost-efficient through our preventative maintenance programme or responsive repairs service.