Window controls
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Window Controls

Since our inception to the marketplace, we have been at the forefront of installing, servicing and repairing high level window control operators; providing clients with solutions built around window controls to ensure premises are sufficiently ventilated and secure and in the event of fire where smoke control is required, will open without fail.

With a comprehensive range of products comprising of both manual window winding gear and electric actuators we provide all types of window opening and closing solutions from leading manufacturers to a variety of window styles in timber, steel, aluminum or UPVc; allowing everyone to operate windows without fail for ventilation purposes.

Our solutions include:

Smoke Dispersal Solutions - Allow for smoke to be released; therefore reducing the smoke before it spreads through escape routes like halls and staircases. Upon smoke detection, the vents will be automatically opened by electric motor drives. Smoke dispersal systems come with a fail-safe battery back up in the event of power failure.

Manual Window Controls - An integrated system utilising the concept of natural, controlled ventilation. Services allow accessibility for all to operate the opening and closing of all window solutions. Manual remote opening systems can enable a number of high level windows to be operated from one single operator. Learn More.

Automatic Window Openers - Our solutions enable a number of high level windows to be operated from one single operator; ideal for disabled access and DDA compliance or for the ultimate in ease of use. Natural ventilation functions include thermostatic controls, such as rain and temperature sensors, but when necessary the fire signal or alarm will override all other signals. Learn More.

Additional Features - All our solutions can be built onto stand-alone PC systems with their own smoke detection, or integrated to be triggered by the premises fire alarm or Building Management System other additional features can be included as your requirements change inline with technological advances.


  • Unrivalled multi-sector knowledge & experience
  • Remote manual window controls
  • Motorised natural ventilation systems and controls
  • Electric window actuators for fire safety
  • Comprehensive range of products 
  • Installation, maintenance & repair services 

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