Secruity doors, grilles & shutters
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Security Doors, Grilles & Shutters

We install, maintain and repair all security doors, roller shutters and grilles from leading manufacturers; developed to provide maximum security.

As crime within commercial premises continues to grow so does the impetus to implement a security strategy that will protect properties from theft.

Our range of service solutions include:

  • Security Shutters 
  • Security Grilles
  • Industrial Shutters
  • Industrial Doors
  • Bar and Reception Shutters & Grilles
  • Fire Shutters
  • Security Doors 

Our solutions are integrated into numerous commercial premises including shopfronts and retail outlets, offices, hospitals and educational establishments.

Solution benefits
  • Effective prevention against vandalism and theft
  • Powder-coated for your exact colour match
  • Non-obtrusive with clear visibility
  • Availability of manual and automated solutions
  • Offers reliability and strength
  • Maximum strength and ease of operation
  • Bespoke solutions to your exact fit and requirements
  • Low cost maintenance offering maximum security  

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance of all types and makes of shutters, security doors, barriers, gates and grilles is essential to facilitate continuous business up-time. Our maintenance programme pays particular attention to the hydraulics, controls and entry/exit devices on your devices to ensure maximum security. Our engineers perform vital safety checks and have the experience and skills to deal with all applications

When grilles, shutters and security doors are integrated with our access control, CCTV or shopfront solutions this can offer total peace of mind and heightened security.

Contact us to discuss all your security requirements.