Preventative maintenance products serviced
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Preventative Maintenance Products Serviced

Automatic Doors & Operating Equipment - BS7036 ‘Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use’ states that automatic doors should be serviced regularly at twelve month intervals by trained service engineers.  All our engineers take the ADSAs' competency exam giving them authorisation to carry out maintenance in compliance with BS7036 (1996). We ensure doors are working correctly without removing them, rectify any minor faults in closing speeds, sensors, backcheck and latching and check their compliance with BS7036.

Manual Doors & Operating Equipment - These need to be maintained to ensure their safe and smooth operation with particular attention being paid to hinges and pivots and door closers. When neglected manual door operators can become unsafe and dangerous through slamming, operating slowly and failing to close properly. Manual fire door closers should be examined at six month intervals in accordance with BS8214 with particular attention being paid to panic and emergency exit bars.

Windows & Window Controls - Windows need to be serviced to ensure the open and close functionality is continually working therefore providing adequate security, sufficient ventilation and in the event of fire, ensure smoke control and fire prevention. Attention is paid to hinges, handles, draught proofing and doubled glazed sealed units as well as all types of windows and winding gear; either manually of electrically operated.

Security Doors, Barriers, Gates, Grilles & Shutters - Customers benefit from a maintenance agreement to all types and makes of shutters, security doors, barriers, gates and grilles. Each maintenance visit pays particular attention to the hydraulics, controls and entry/exit devices. Our engineers perform vital safety checks and have the experience and skills to deal with all applications.

CCTV & Access Controls - Security of your premises, staff and visitors should never be compromised. Maintenance of CCTV and Access Control products is paramount for peace of mind but may also be a requirement of your insurance. Regardless of whether we’ve installed your Access Control products we can provide you with a cost effective solution to your maintenance and servicing needs.

Fire Safety Door & Window Maintenance - We ensure all your fire doors, window controls, escape doors, associated fire alarms and access controls, signage and panic hardware and intumescent fire and smoke seals are well maintained and in good working order. If faults are found they are quickly identified and rectified upon your authorisation.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) places the onus on the “responsible person” for commercial premises to ensure compliance and undertake any necessary works. 

Access full details on our RR(FS)o maintenance service.