Our strategy
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Our Strategy

Our ability to succeed in providing our clients with a bespoke, custom fit solution to all their requirements is the foundation of what our continuous organic growth has been built upon and is at the core of our strategy that builds long-term relationships with our customers.

Through our growing portfolio of products and services, each project we undertake means we can deliver truly integrated solutions. And with our leading position within our specialist industry, we leverage our working partnerships with leading suppliers & manufacturers to offer every single customer a solution that comes at an unrivalled price without compromising on the high quality of service and after-care support that has become synonymous with the Thomas Door & Window Controls brand.

We follow three key objectives to achieve the highest of quality, efficiency and safety; resulting in Thomas Door & Window Controls becoming invaluable to the running of our clients day-to-day businesses:

Continue to grow working partnerships with clients and communities 

Growing strong client relationships with both clients and local communities allows us to increase the scale and scope of existing partnerships whilst projecting future, sustainable earnings. It ultimately allows us to aid communities in facilitating the safety, security and accessibility for all alongside increasing footfall for commercial premises owners, making the entire process a better experience for all involved. 

Responsive repair reductions and planned maintenance growth  

Planned maintenance offers better value for money for our customers. Through our Responsive Repair Reductions to Planned Maintenance Growth strategy we look to increase the volume of planned maintenance work so that all clients receive preferential services as standard whilst prolonging the overall operational life of their products doing away with expensive and unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Recruit, retain and develop

Our expert management team and fully-certified engineers are essential in order for us to achieve our growth targets. Developing our engineers’ capabilities through relevant industry training ensures they can reach their full potential and where possible; progress within the different areas available within Thomas Door & Window Controls. 

Our recruitment strategy forms part of our CSR where we will always look to recruit, retain and develop local talent.

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