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Manual Window Controls

Our manual remote window opening systems, including Teleflex Morse Clearline and Highline manual window winding gear, enables individual or multiple sets of windows to be operated from one single operator.

Used extensively in schools, libraries and commercial premises to control either high level or difficult access windows; we offer our customers a comprehensive service for all their window control requirements to all window styles in timber, steel, aluminium or uPVC.

Manual Window Winding Gear

A cable driven system operates either a chain or screwjack type opener fitted to high level, difficult access windows and is controlled from wall mounted operators connected via lengths of conduit and inner cable to the window openers. The connecting conduit can be bent around pillars and other obstacles allowing a flexible solution to every situation.

The opening and closing of windows is typically operated by a rotary control handle to operate a cable driven system or screwjack opener.


  • Various opening lengths
  • Applicable to most window types
  • Quick and versatile on-site installation
  • Simple operation through a rotary handle
  • Unobtrusive, reliable opening mechanisms
  • Provides control for individual or multiple openings

Opening Mechanisms

  • Chain openers – Ideal for top hung windows
  • Screwjack openers – used to operate heavy duty applications/louvres
  • Fork & swivel – telescopic device to operate louvres
  • Locking openers - bottom hung openings

Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

With over 30 years experience in this field we undertake all associated works of manual window openers from new installations, planned maintenance and responsive repairs to faciliate the safety, security and accessibility of clients' premises.

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