Fire prevention maintenance
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Fire Door Maintenance

Since the removal of the original Fire Certificate and the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the proof of compliance to fire safety legislation is now in the hands of the building owner or other responsible person. 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Overview

  • It places the onus on the “responsible person” to ensure compliance 
  • You must carry out a risk assessment on the fire safety of the property 
  • You must undertake necessary works identified as part of your risk assessment 
  • Failure to comply could results in large fines or in some cases imprisonment

Whilst we can’t carry out the risk assessment we can help you meet your legal obligations through being the competent contractor to maintain your fire doors & emergency exits.

How we help clients 

We provide vital fire door maintenance to all doors on clients' site(s) including both manual and automatic doors in line with BS8214, BS7036 and the essential servicing needed for compliance in line with the RR(FS)O that can form part of clients own fire risk assessments. To ensure that all fire doors and escape doors are in working order and meet the required standards we perform maintenance visits to customers premises either annually or every six months accordingly to their requirements. 

Fire Door Checklists 

We provide clients with checklists following a maintenance visit that can be used as part of their RR(FS)O risk assessment that certify the doors and associated products are in good working order or highlighting the works that need to be carried out as well as guidance on how to complete the daily and weekly checks for their equipment that should also form part of their risk assessments. 

Automatic Doors & Operating Equipment - Need to be examined at 12 month intervals in accordance with BS7036. Certified technicians perform a series of checks to verify your products safety and operative condition including checks on the signage, safety devices, closing energies and escape systems. This checklist must be retained for your records in accordance with BS7036.

Manual Doors & Operating Equipment - Should be examined at 6 month intervals in accordance with BS8214. Highlights include ensuring the door hardware works correctly, checking the doors integrity as fire doors, examining the door leaf and intumescent strips as well as certifying the correct signage and door security.

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