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Working with the Education Sector

Thomas Door & Window Controls have been providing schools, colleges and universities across the UK with door, window and security solutions for over 35 years to facilitate the safety and security of staff and students of all ages.

From responsive day-to-day repairs through to preventative planned maintenance and new installations; our vast knowledge and experience of working within the educational sector allows us to undertake an approach that ensures minimal disruption to students working environment and offers a cost effective and efficient service to provide measurable value.

Our range of services include:

  • Routine door and window maintenance
  • Essential responsive repairs
  • New installations for all door, window and access control requirements

Maintenance Solutions 

Regular maintenance ensures the safety, security and operative efficiency for all door, window and access control products as well as helping you meet your legal compliances. Highlights of our service solutions include:

Automatic Doors & Operating Equipment - BS7036 ‘Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use’ states that automatic doors should be serviced regularly at twelve month intervals. We ensure their BS7036 compliance and operative efficiency.

Manual Doors & Operating Equipment - These need to be maintained to ensure their safe and smooth operation. Manual fire door closers should be examined at six month intervals in accordance with BS8214.

Windows & Window Controls - Windows need to be serviced to ensure the open and close functionality is continually working therefore providing adequate security, sufficient ventilation and in the event of fire, ensure smoke control and fire prevention.

Fire Safety - We ensure all fire doors, window controls, escape doors, associated fire alarms and access controls, signage and panic hardware and intumescent fire and smoke seals are well maintained and in good working order.

Contact us for more information 

Call the responsive repairs and maintenance service team on 0800 525384 for further information and advice on how working together can facilitate safety and security for all in line with your place of educations’ objectives.