Door controls
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Door Closers

With over 35 years experience in the repair, installation and maintenance of door controls and operating equipment, clients trust us to provide them with the best possible solution to all door control and operating requirements; whether manual or automated.

Our service engineers are fully trained with door closers, floor springs and associated fittings of leading manufacturers including Dorma and Briton. Our extensively equipped workshops facilitate a rapid solution to clients’ requirements. Solution highlights include:

Manual Door Closers - Overhead door closers, such as those from Briton, Dorma and Geze, can be concealed or surface mounted where as Jamb mounted closers fit between the door and the door frame and are totally concealed when the door is closed.

Automatic Door Closers - Automated doors allow premises to facilitate accessibility for all and aid DDA compliance. They provide a means of door access without physical effort; under the control of a push button, motion detector or other device. Read more on our Automatic Door Operators.

Concealed Door Closers - Hydraulic door closers, floor springs and transom mounted closers are manufactured using high strength pressure die cast aluminium bodies and have precision machined components.

Transom Door Closers - Concealed overhead transom closers are a standard fixture on the great majority of commercial aluminium-framed doors. This closer mounts above the door, in the frame header.

Surface Mounted Door Closers - A surface mounted door closer is the most common type of closer. All surface mounted door closers are available in "Non-Hold" and "Hold Open" depending on your requirements. When a Hold Open arm is fitted with the door closer, your door will remain open at a preset angle until it is closed manually.

Floor Springs - Mounted in the floor for unobtrusive door control, these closers are available for most applications and are particularly suited to heavy, robust doors. These are more expensive than fixed overhead closers, or concealed overhead closers.

Cam Action Door Closers - A cam action door closer is mounted directly on the door or frame. The cam action ensures the door is light to open while retaining its closing power, making these products ideal for use by disabled people.

From door controls with integrated access controls; contact us today for more information and discover how we can help you become more cost-efficient through our preventative maintenance agreement.