DDA solutions
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Disabled Door & Window Controls

Since the Disability Discrimination Act was introduced in 1995, Thomas Door & Window Controls have been at the forefront of helping clients' aid their legal compliances in line with BS7036 and facilitate accessibility for all.

We work with clients to automate both internal and external doors as well their windows as a way of meeting their legal obligations and open their doors and windows for all; ensuring that disabled access is seemlessly integrated.

Access without effort through Automatic Doors 

Automatic doors allow premises to help pedestrian flow through the building and provide a means of opening and closing doors without physical effort. We understand understand the requirements of the DDA specification and are able to advise on the correct, and most cost effective way to meet these requirements that allow for a disabled person to enter, freely move around in and safely exit, as it would for an able-bodied person. 

All our automatic door solutions are fitted with relevant signage and considerations include wheelchair access, door widths, clear vision panels, door entry equipment position and height; all with relevant dda door handles and dda ironmongery. 

Automatic Window Controls

Our automatic window opening and closing solutions are used across a wide range of sectors to facilitate ventilation and accessibility for all. 

To operate automatic window controls, a range of control devices are available depending on individuals needs and abilities. From a simple open/close control switch that can open or close any number of windows either at once or independently through to remote control operation, we are able to provide an ideal solution for disabled access that can also facilitate integration with a Possum solution if required.

Integrated Access & Security Solutions 

We design, construct and install all types of door and window automation solutions with a whole range of activation controls including key fobs, active infra-red motion detectors and disabled door push pads offering accessability for all. Learn more about our automatic door activation controls.

Thomas Door & Window Controls are the trusted organisation in the UK to provide a bespoke cost-effective solution to your precise disabled access requirements; from initial advice through to disabled adaptions, we are able to undertake all works associated with your disabled door and window needs for DDA compliance and accessibilty for all. 

For more information on our DDA solutions please contact us today.