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Automatic Sliding Doors

Designed for internal and external applications, automatic sliding doors features innovative control elements and technology ensuring safe, convenient and reliable access which can also operate as a manual swing door providing an escape route for evacuation.

A 'breakaway' feature that allow automatic doors to be pushed outwards manually to facilitate an emergency escape and a fail safe system allows for doors to automatically open or close in the event of a power failure; which can be linked to fire alarm systems.

Our automatic sliding door operators are designed for internal and external applications such as offices, retail, shopfronts, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities and when combined with innovative control elements and technology ensures a basis for safe, convenient and reliable access.  

Automatic sliding doors not only make access easy for all users, but also guarantees reliable closing creating a sense of effortless convenience together with a feeling of security. With a comprehensive range of possible configurations and functions allowing access to be optimised and match pedestrian traffic flows automatic liding doors offer an elegant, sophisticated and welcoming entrance to your building.

Features & Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Smooth & Reliable
  • Full threshold safety
  • Suitable for both single and double leaf doors
  • Emergency opening in the event of a fire or power failure
  • Available in either single sliding, bi-parting or telescopic configurations

Automatic Door Maintenance & Repairs

As well as new installations, we provide full maintenance and servicing of automatic sliding doors and other automatic doors in compliance with BS7036.

BS7036 ‘Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use’ places the responsibility of the building owner/manager to ensure the safe use of their automatic door solutions. Throughout the warranty for newly installed automatic doors, the owner must check the operative condition and controls of the automatic doors in line with BS requirements. Click here for more information on our automatic door servicing.

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