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Automatic Door Sensors & Activation Controls

Thomas Door & Window Controls ensure that clients' benefit from the latest activation controls used to switch an automatic door operator that meets their precise accessibility requirements.

We remove the complexity out of choosing the correct choice of activation controls and aid clients' legal compliances with regards to the DDA and BS7036 to ensure a basis for safe, convenient and reliable access through automatic door sensors and other automatic door activation controls.

The correct choice of activation controls is essential to ensure that the automatic door solution meets its overall objective. 

Consideration should be given to the following:

  • Traffic flow - high traffic or low traffic situation.
  • Traffic profile - prescribing how and whom the door is to be accessed by.

Various options to activate automatic doors include:

  • Microwave motion sensors offering hands free activation.
  • Pushpads, touchpads and switches.
  • Manual actuators, hand-held fobs and receivers.
  • Infra-red automatic door sensors.
  • Pressure mats placed under foot to open doors when pressure is applied.
  • Bespoke activation controls for disabled access including Possum integration.  
  • Manual switches via card swipes, proximity tags and keypads (access controls).

Why Choose Thomas Door & Window Controls?

With over 35 years experience in the installation, repairs and maintenance of automatic doors our clients benefit from our extensive product knowledge on all aspects of door automation.

We work with clients to automate their internal and external entrance doors to offer contact free door access that aids pedestrian flow; whether pedestrians are wheelchair users, carrying luggage or with a pushchair, automatic door operators offer accessibility for all.

Read more about our automatic door solutions or access our webform for a fast response to all advice, free quotations and general enquiries related to your automatic door requirements.