Automated Doors
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Leaders in Automated Door Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

Our product range of automatic door systems include automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, automatic folding doors and the associated door hardware. 

We pride ourselves of being at the forefront of helping businesses aid their legal compliances and facilitate accessibility for all. 

The industry expertise within our specialist automatic doors division allows us to provide our clients with a best-in-class solution to the installation, repairs and maintenance of automatic doors to their exact specification. 

We install, maintain and repair the latest automatic door operators and automatic door closers from leading manufacturers of automatic door suppliers to offer each client a bespoke solution at an unrivalled price to achieve the highest of quality. 

Safety & Accessibility Considerations 

Automatic doors should have the relevant signage and considerations should include access control elements, wheelchair access, door widths, finger guarding, clear vision panels, door entry equipment position and dda ironmongery.

To help meet with the requirements of BS7036, safety sensors are fitted on the door leaf of automatic doors to ensure they cannot open or close if obstructed. These sensors detect any obstacle that restricts the door travel before contact is made. 

All automatic door operators can be fitted with a fail safe system that automatically opens or closes the door in the event of a power failure; which can be linked to fire alarm systems and can be programmed to communicate with Building Management Systems if necessary. They can also be fitted with a break-out facility to enable them to be pushed out manually to facilitate an emergency escape. 

All our service engineers have taken the ADSA competency exam which gives them authorisation to carry out maintenance, repairs and installations of Automatic Doors in compliance with BS7036. 

On-Going Support and Automatic Door Maintenance

Our clients benefit from the expert knowledge of automatic doors from our technical in-house team and service engineers who offer first class support and advice relating to automatic door operators and ensure the health and safety of premises and its users alongside aiding legal compliances through automatic door maintenance and repairs. Read more about our automatic door solutions today.

Read detailed information on our DDA Solutions or ADSA Certified Engineers.