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Automatic Door Maintenance

Thomas Door & Window Controls are market leaders in the servicing, maintenance and repairs all automatic doors. From minor repairs to comprehensive door servicing agreements. We can take care of all your automatic door maintenance needs offering a cost efficient, reliable service.
BS7036 ‘Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use’ places the responsibility of the building owner/manager to ensure the safe use of their automatic door solutions and it stipulates that the doors must have maintenance carried out annually by trained, competent engineers to ensure their compliance to BS7036 once out of its warranty period.

Regularly scheduled visits from a Thomas Door & Window Controls-certified engineer will insure reliable operation, protect your investment and prolong the life of the automatic door operator.

Our Maintenance Programme

Our maintenance programme ensures doors are working correctly, rectifying any minor faults in closing speeds, sensors, backcheck and latching in order to check their compliance with BS7036. 

Once a certified engineer has performed a planned maintenance service visit, a written servicing sheet is created outlining the maintenance carried out.

Certified Engineers

All our engineers take the ADSAs' competency exam giving them authorisation to carry out maintenance, repairs and installations in compliance with this legislation.

For automatic doors your service technician will provide a separate checklist of specific maintenance works carried out which you will need to retain for your records in accordance with “British Standards 7036 1996”.

Automatic Door Maintenance Highlights

  • Ensure automatic doors operative functionality in line with BS7036
  • Help you meet your legal compliances
  • Facilitate the safety and security of your end-users, products & premises
  • We provide clients with safety checklists & operation manuals to aid user safety 

Read more about the maintenance benefits that our programme can bring to your business.

Contact us today to get expert advice or request a free survey and quotation for your automatic door requirements. Access our webform for a fast response from our automatic door department.